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Anglo hotel is considered one of the one star hotels which belong to ministery of tourism which presents all the facilities for the tourist. Anglo hotel is located directly beside the station as it is the nearest hotel to the station and bus stop ( super jet ) also it is so near from information tourist center the tourist does not need a map to reach the hotel the station is not more than some few steps from the hotel . anglo hotel is  15 minutes far from Karnak temple , five minutes from luxor temple , 30minutes from the west bank , and five minutes far from the tourist market
Anglo hotel is distinctive with its location in the center of the town and by its turn this saves and provided a chance to the tourist and helps him to move form a place to another. the hotel is far from noise  the hotel helps the tourist to be able to make tours inside luxor and outside also all the means of transport are available .
Anglo hotel contains big restaurant, bar, roof garden, and wi-fi service inside the hotel the hotel presents tourist programmers that are suitable for all tourists with all their desires their ages with so suitable prices also the hotel presents tours with guides and  Egyptologists, as a tourist you could accompany another group or individual tours ( educational private tours) as the flexibility of time and information  .

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Internet Center

Anglo hotel presents internet service  .and wi-fi services during the day twenty four hours inside the rooms for free for the whole guests

Advices for the visitors:
1-the visitor should reserve through a person or a trusted company to a void cheating problems that the visitor could suppose to when he makes a tour around the whole world not Egypt only
2- co-ordinating the journey from arrival moment to departure moment to enjoy each moment
3-the visitor should search and decide the aim of the visit to the region that he wants to visit
4-reading, knowledge, and good research for the place he wants to visit through books and web sites that gives you a background about the sites
5-when you visit the historical places; you should accompany a guide who has all information about the place

First visit for historical Egypt
Most people just know that Egypt is the country which includes the pharaonic monuments, sun, and old civilization. All this is perfect , but many people do not know so much a bout this beautiful country, come with us to accompany you in a nice journey through minutes to explain some things and nice places which are not existed in any else where , these nice places you can enjoy through your
Visit to this small hotel , Anglo hotel .

There are many types of tourism in this ancient country:
1-pharaonic tourism which is deeply rooted in history, more than seven thousand years before Christ which are wide spread all over luxor city
Luxor city
The historical city which contains more than a third of the world monuments between luxor temple and Karnack temples the biggest and most huge temples of the world that includes seven funeral temples, mummification museum, Luxor museum in the east and west bank which are full of the monuments of the great grandfathers who lie many places as valley of the kings which includes a number of the kings such as Ramses 111 and king Tutankhamen, and many of the great kings. Also valley of the queens which includes queen Nefertety tomb queen Nefertary, and Queen Hatshepsut and many of the queens and kings of the ancient world
2- You can enjoy the sunny weather through the whole year round. You can enjoy the wonderful scene of the Nile, Nubian ancient civilization through the spread places which established recently to revive this heritage through displaying the products and watching their own industries through executing and performance and this through visiting the Nubian village
3- The Egyptian country and its fascination through touring in the fields and villages which are scattered on the two banks of the Nile
4- Also there is recreational tourism in Egypt which is spread in the touristic cities, such as sharm el-sheikh and Hurghda. As you can enjoy the sea, mountains, and fascinating nature as you can enjoy visiting Sinai beautiful governorate which collect the Coptic tourism through Saint Catherine monastery and red sea, also diving sport and balloon which is existed in many touristic cities
5- When you visit Alexandria you enjoy the beach of the Mediterranean Sea and the fascinating nature of the city and its distinctive nature.
6- Also there is medical or recovery tourism by visiting the oases which has a unigue nature by its sands and water which has an a ability for recovery of many diseases.
7- You can enjoy religious tourism which Islamic and Coptic tourism which are spread in all cities of Egypt. Through Cairo the capital, and ancient Egypt and the ancient churches, as Cairo has the most luxurious hotels and recreational places.
8-Also the visitor could enjoy Aswan the wonderful city with perfect scenes and view of the Nile which is perfect and fascinating that he could not see in any elsewhere Aswan also has the temples as Abu simbel , and philae and other temples .
9- Luxor the modern city which has been developed dung the two last year, and a plan has been executed and is still performed to excavate the monuments and clarifying The Rams-headed avenue which connects between Luxor and Karnack temple. Also there is an old market and modern one. Tourist information center to serve the visitors and tourists also Luxor city has youth hostel which is international.

Anglo Hotel helps you to visit all there places as we could coordinate you journey completely through

luxor temple ciurt night

Co-operation with all biggest tourist companies which are located in Luxor which are available in cheapest prices.
Finally, you will enjoy each moment that you will spend in this country which has so many facilities which are not found in any country of the world
Anglo Hotel wishes you happy visit in country of civilization, Luxor

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