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Luxor City



iiiiiking Tutankhamen

king Tutankhamen


The west bank


•Valley of the kings.
•valley of the Queens.
•El Dier El Bahry temple.
•El Ramessum temple.
•Madinet Habou temple.
•Memnon Statues.
•Nobles Tombs.
•Deir El Madina tombs.
•Workers Tombs.

Tombs of valley of the kings and valley of the queens

- Valley of the kings:

- Located on the west bank of the Nile hears of Thebes in Egypt, for 450 years during the period of the new kingdom of the ancient Egyptians history which extend from 1539 to 1075 BC as a tomb for the pharaohs of this period the area of this valley about 20.000 m2. up till now discovered about 27 royal tombs dated back to 3 dynasties: the 18th Egyptian dynasty, the 19th Egyptian dynasty and the 20th Egyptian dynasty. It belived that the valley contain at least about 30 other tombs not discovered till now. The discovered tomb up till now in the valley of the kings dates according to the pharaohs to Tuthmoses the 1 st , Amenhoteb the 2nd, Tutankh Amon and Hore Moheb all of them from the 18th dynasty. And Ramsess the 1st, Seti the 1st, Ramsess the 2nd, Seti the 2nd, Setah all of them from the 19th dynasty and Set Bakhty, Ramsess the 3rd, Ramsess the 4th, Ramsess the 5th, Ramsess the 9th from the 20th dynasty and there are many tombs for unkown kings mant efforts attempt to know them.

Vally of the Queens

- This Vally contain the tombs of the queens from the 18th and 19th dya\nasty, and located in the souhern end from thebes cenetery. total tombs in the valley about 70 tomb but few of these tombs important and most of them without anytexts or represention and the most important tom is the tomb of Nehertary thw wife of Ramsess the 2nd.

El Dier El Bahry temple:-

The temple of El Dier El Bahry is collection of the temples and Pharaonic tombs in thewetern bank of the Nile. Hatshebsuit built this temple to perferm the sacred rituals for the other world. the name of El Dier El Bahry is an Arabic nae was called in the 7 century after the coptics used this temple as monestry.
This temple consist of 3 floors. this temple was the mortuary temple for great and famous queen in Egypt ( 1469-1490) which ascend the thron of Egypt after the death her brother and her husband Thutmoses the 2nd. and this temple is unique in its Architecturedesign and it was built by her architect " Senmut " which was one of royal palce Nobles. and worth mentioning that she was the first queen which interest with the trade in the history especially the commercial protocol between Egypt and the land of punt. somila how.
- The original name for Hatshebsuit is " Ghnmt Amon " meaning the loved one for god Amon.

El Ramessun temple:

Ramsess the 2nd from the 19th dynasty, registed of the walls of the temple " erected by king of Kadesh battle, and several religious scenes represent the king with the gods and goddess. and this temple was one of the mortuary temple which was built for the deads in ancient Egypt, built by king Ramsess the 2nd. the temple contain huge statues for king Ramsess the 2nd and inscriptions mention Nature of the life in this time, the walls register the inscriptions of the famous battle of Kadesh which captured Ramsess the 2nd against and his planing for the war.
-This temple known as the temple of millions years, and of the most beautiful temples in Egypt.

The temple of Hapou:

- This temple was built by Ramsess the 3rd for the funerary rituals and for go Amon, the temple consist of great entrance surround by two towers ecorated with figues represent Ramsess the 3rd and the upper part of this tower was specifie for the royal harem anand this temple consider magestic in its inscreiptions and furnitures, the statues of Amon was decorted with precious stones and scenes represent the victory against pubkic sea tribes ( El Sharadna) and other scenes represent the attack against the Libyans and scenes represent deities present the offerings to god Amon i the temple.

Memnon Statues:

- These two statues remain from the mortuary temple of Aenhotep the 3rd. its height about 19.20meters and called Memnon by the Greeks this because when the Northern Statue make voice so they resemble it with the legendary hero Memnon who killed in the war of (Trwada) this hero who used to call his mother ( Ewis) every morning goddess of dawn and she cry for the death of her son.

The tombs of Nonles:-

The scenes of these tombs considered as a register full of Egyptian life branches, and very important source for the sociality study and management system in the new kingdom the most famous and beautiful of these tombs is the tomb of " Mena ' tomb of " Nekhet " .

Deir El Madina tombs:-

- These tombs differ from the tombs of Nobles as the workers interest in the tombs of Deir El Madina with the burial chamber Which distinguished by religious scenes with wonderful colours, the most famous of these tombs (Sen- Ngm) and the tombs of "Pashdo".

Workers City:

This was the city in which the artists, sculptors, stonecutters live. those who erected the temples and the tombs of the 19th and the 20 dynasty.
The plan of the touristic development in Luxor:
in Luxor city appear some of obstructions which delay the touristic movement. some of these obstructions are the randoms whether the seller which spread muchly in places exist the tourist. in addition to this there are no inquiry places help the tourists to know some places like hotels, restaurants and shops. there is no enough facility for the tourist in the transportations movement so lost his time. so it was important to put development plan for this city which become now governorate.
Dr/ Samir Farag governor of Luxor city interest in the touristic development so he start with development and widening the streets and erect many projects like overcoming the randoms. and procuring the touristic services for the tourists. he erected center for the touristic inquiry which help the tourists coming to Luxor and presenting all facilities for him to know the places of (hotels, restaurants, temples). he develop the old area of Bazaars and erected new area known with " Savoy " market where there are all purchases for the tourist.
Also among the beauty plan establishing courtyard Beside Moaque Al " Abou El Hagagg " for several parties and touristic festivals. plus this he erect vegetables market.
- President " Mubarak " visited Luxor and opening several projects where open " El Toad " village which contain about 12000 house for Luxor inhabitants also open " El Shababya " in El Toad village with space about 2400 meters costs 82 million for 650 youth. he open the international rowing club for activating the touristic sport. this club consist of 3 floors with building cost 15 million.
- President " Mubarak " on his visited decide transfer Luxor city to governorate so Luxor become number 29 with joining ( Armant / Esna ). also he develop " Suzan Mubarak " center to present services for family and child also by the government efforts and co-operate the international organization ( Unisco ) he start to rediscover the rams road. he start the plan for evicting new anchorage for boats and floating hotels this road of anchorage erected on about 50 acre and this project will increase new jobs for youth. he erected round road around the city to help the touristic buses reach the touristic places quickly to prevent traffic troubles inside the city. he also erect hall four the sport games containing about 2000 view Adducing to this he start to establish international playground for football containing about 40000 viewer to encourage the touristic season. plus as soon erecting other projects like Mubarak library, urbanite center for women, Abou El Goud brudge, Suzan Mubarak garden, conference hall and complete center hear Karnak temple having , Bazaars, and shops helping the tourist to know any thing he needed.

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