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Luxor City



iiiiiking Tutankhamen

king Tutankhamen


The east bank


• Luxor temple.
• Karnak temple.
• Mummification museum.
• Luxor museum.
• sound and light show.

Luxor temple:
- One of the most big and complex temple in the ancient Egyptian temples located on the east bank of the Nile in Luxor city which known now with name (old Thebes), it was build in 1400 BC during the reign of 18th and 19th Dynasty kings and it was dedicated to the sacred triad of Thebes which consist of god (Amon Rc and his wife Mut and their son Khensou) and it was called alsi (Ibt Rest) which means the sacred southern place for god Amon Rc, and this temple consider as one of best and beautiful temple in the Egyptian temples which appear the Egyptian temple planning with best clear from.

Karnak temple:

- `Karnak temple consider as the big place for the sacred cult and it was known with Karnak name since the Arab conquest which means (fort). And it contain many temples for kings Seti 1, Ramsess the 3rd, Tuthmoses 1th, Hatshbsuit, Tuthmises the 3rd, Hor Mohb, and Ramsess the 1st and the 2nd.
The sacred Lake:
- It situated out the main hall where located big statue for scarab returned to the age of Amenheteb the 3rd

Sound and Light show in Karnak temple:

- Wonder full program show with word and light and music the story of building this monument and the program show with English languages, Arabic Language, and French, Germany Languages.

Luxor Museum:

- Located between Luxor and Karnak temple on the Nile in the center of Luxor city south of Egypt and was known with (Thebes). The Museum contain collections of Pharaonic monuments which found on Luxor also contain the sarcophagus of Ramsess the 2nd.

The mummification museum:

- Located in Luxor city and characteristic with location and joining directly to the Nile this side which Overlook the Nile its length about 300 meters.
- This museum was built in 1995, and open in may 1997, with area 2035m2. and contain many Pharaonic collections which found in Luxor also contain many scarphaguses, materials and objects of mummification.


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