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iiiiiking Tutankhamen

king Tutankhamen



Egypt is the land of civilizations pass through all ages was the center of civilizations Pharaonic civilization, Greek civilization, Romanic Coptic, and Islamic civilizations as the unique location of Egypt make it easy prey for countries which conquer Egypt but Egypt defend on herself. the importance of the Egyptian civilization come back from stability charlatanistic where as its Historic ages follow in continuous and correlated events, as the Egyptian succeeded in saving all the historic features throughout the ages all though Egypt sometimes effected with interior effective like laceration, disturbance and revolution or external effective like invasions and foreign desertion.
- But the Egyptian succeeded in overcoming of all these difficult since the stony age, also he characteristic with merciful in the faith and belief as each province have the specific deities and this refer to the highness of the ancient Egyptian think.
- Civilized development start in Egypt by knowing the secret of kindling the and knowing agriculture all of this effect on life fields for the ancient Egyptian. After that come culture development by knowing the ancient Egypt writing and arts. After culture development oppear in Egypt and the east beliefs, legislations, sciences then divine faiths which were and still guidance for the old and recent world. Egypt have civilization since the beginning of the history in valley of the Nile. Also Egypt lie in distinct geographical location the between (Asia and Africa) and connect with Europe by the Mediteraian Sea all of this lead to civilization known with oldest civilization in the Human history.
- In Egypt there are features and touristic evaluates make it unique from the other states like (archeology, cultural, entertaining therapeutic, safary, militarism, museums, recreation, Balloons, Sliding of Sands ).

-  The geographical location for Egypt divide into:-

- Astronomical location meaning location of touristic area .
- The astronomical location of Egypt is situated between ( 32- 22°) North and climate kindly in the Northern edges this climate increase the touristic active but the eastern coasts overlook the red sea are warm throughout the year so evaluates increase the tourists to be winter resort and good place for practicing water sports ( Diving / Swimming / Riding the boots / Yachts / Hunting ) also there are areas and healthy resort for rest and revocation to renew the activity.              

 Relative location:

- Meaning the location of the touristic province where as Egypt consider joint gate for (Asia / Africa / Europe) also Egypt is the only state that overlook two internal sea (the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea)

The climate:
- Meaning the weather and the daily turning that happen in the atmosphere.
- Searches and studying clarify that the climate affects directly on the body of the one and the jobs of members then helping him to practice the actives / hoppies/ games/ jaurnies / touristic active where as Egypt characterstic with warm weather and brightness sun  through out the year and this attract the tourists. And Egypt surface with beauty and high mountains which attract hearts and minds also ( hills / vallies / rivers / cataracts).
- The most important of Egypt governorate:- Cairo and Gaiza:- are there are:-  
( Pyramids / Sphinex / Sakara monuments / Step Pyramid / Abou Serga church / hangingchurch/ virgin mery church/ mary gerges church / virgin Mary tree/ Amr Ibn El Ass mosque/ El Azhar/ Mohamed Ali mosque/ Adbien place / Egyptian museum / Coptic museum Iislamic museum / 200 garden / El Orman garden / El Andalos garden / Cairo tower/ Opera Egyptian Panorama)

Luxor:- as there are:-

( Luxor and Karnak temple / Luxor museum / mummification museum / Memnon Statues – Valley of the kings and valley of the Queen tombs / El Deir El Bahry temple / El Shayb Monastery / Mary Gerges Monastery / Mohareb Monastery)

Aswan:- There are:-

( Egilka Island / Nobles tombs / Uncompleted Obelisk / Phila temple / Kalabsha temple / Abou Simple / Kom Ombo temple / Edfu temple / El Anba Samaan Monastery/ El Nuba museum / the High Dam / Aswan treasure).
- There are many modes in Egypt consider touristic Attraction source for example:-

Medial Tourism:

- This kind of tourism have great interest from the countries especially developed countries because of psychology diseases like ( Nervous tension / Worrying / Depression ) and body diseases like (pressure / diabetes / heart diseases ) result from daily life pressures).
- Egypt famous with sulfuric and mineral water and healthy warm weather free from humidity.
- There are areas on the coasts of the Red Sea like Safaga the tourists come from all the world for medicament from some diseases like ( Psoriasis) also many other areas like ( Helwan / El Ain El Sokhna / Ain El Sera / Hurghada / El Fayoum / Oasis/ Asean/ Sina).
- Mineral eyes which spread on all Egypt about ( 1356) eye. The temperature of its water raise to ( 75°).

Historical and Cultural tourism:-

- Meaning knowing information and knowledge about what the previous Nations from monument represent their history.
- This history appear on the pyramids ( Cheops – Kephren – Menkaraa).
- Cheops pyramid is one of the 7 wonder of the life with height 137 meter build on space about 13 acre. The length of each side 226.5 meter. Contain about 2.300.000 lime stone piece each piece weight between 2.5 to 15 ton. Menkeraa pyramid situated west Kephren pyramid it height 61.5 meter and built from lime stone its space little than quarter of Cheops pyramid space.
The Sphinx: date to the reign of king Cheops representing him in a huge statue in the from of lion with Human head and features face of the king. And wearing royal crown its height 20 meter and length 73.50 meter and his face looking at the east.
- The step pyramid is the oldest stone building in the world. Designed by the famous architect ( Amenhotep) doctor of king ( Zoser) the founder of the dynasty in the end of 28 century B. C.

Safary Tourism:

- This kind of tourism is relate to the environment which mean traveling to areas not exposed to pollution for recreation and look at sight seeing and Humans being which live in it like (Sant Katren / Mosess Mountain / Oasis ) all these areas enjoy the tourists and observe the animals which live in the desert like (Gazal and Fox)

Diving tourism:

- Egypt have many schools and centers for diving in ( Hurghada – Red Sea – Sharm El Shikh) this kind of tourism interesting the tourists very much by seeing fascinating sights and taking the pictures under the sea these are more than 90% from these creatures.

Sliding on the Sands tourism:

- This kind of tourism enjoy the tourists and Egypt have areas for actively in ( Oasis / Siwa / Sina )

Balloon tourism:

- This tourism is one of the new touristic activities which enjoy the tourists by seeing the sight seeings from high. So many companies organize this kind of tourism in Luxor to see the Nile, monument an enjoy the weather and in ( Hurghada, South of Sina ) to see the mountains.   

Golf tourism:-

- This is one of the new sources of tourism attraction and this kind of sport play by riches and Egypt erected play grounds for golf in ( Cairo / Luxor / Red Sea ).

Special interests tourism:-

- consider new kind of tourism depend on group journey to practice activity or ( diving sport / seeing drowned monuments / conferences tourism / seeing the whales and birds )

Military tourism:-

- Meaning interest in military museums and military places in Egypt like:-
- Museum of Salah El Dien citadel / Panorama 6 October museum / Military museum / Police museum and the places which still have remains from the wars.

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